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The CS-UE12WKF-9 is a wall-mounted heat pump from Panasonic, offering both heating and cooling functions. It’s known for its energy efficiency, achieving an A++ rating for power consumption. The unit uses environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant and operates quietly, making it suitable for various settings.


  • Energy Efficiency: Achieves an A++ rating for power consumption.
  • Quick Cooling and Less Energy Consumption: Panasonic Inverter air conditioners have the flexibility to vary the rotation speed of the compressor. This allows it to use less energy to maintain the set temperature while also being able to cool and heat the room quicker at start up.
  • Precise Temperature Control: The Panasonic Inverter air conditioners provide a precise method of maintaining the set temperature in your room.
  • Shower Cooling: Rather than simply cooling the room, Panasonic feels that air conditioners need to make the room more comfortable. So the cool air doesn’t contact people directly. It uses a Shower Cooling feature to supply the cool air from above.
  • Low Ampere & Voltage: Panasonic air conditioners are specially designed to cope with the low voltage issue especially faced during the peak Summer in Pakistan. It can smoothly operate even at a low voltage of 150V.
  • 4-Way Swing: The 360° Air Flow function enables quick cooling at every part of the room by blowing cool air in multiple directions.
  • Hidden Display & Timer Mode: Provides a sleek look and makes it easy to check the settings.
  • Gold Fin Condenser: Strong and durable anti-corrosion. The Condenser fins are coated to enhance its durability against water, air, and other types of corrosions.
  • The Safest Refrigerant Gas: The R410A environment friendly refrigerant contributes to greener planet as it has no harmful effects on the Ozone layer.


  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Model: CS-UE12WKF-9
  • Type: Wall Mounted Heat Pump
  • Power Supply: 1Ph-220-240V~50Hz
  • Cooling Capacity (BTU/h): 12000
  • Heating Capacity (BTU/h): 12150
  • Rated Power Input (W): 1154 (Cooling), 1130 (Heating)
  • EER/COP (Cooling/Heating): 3.05 / 3.15
  • Moisture Removal (Liters/h): 1.3
  • Indoor Noise Level (dB (A)): 40
  • Outdoor Noise Level: 53
  • Indoor Air Flow (Hi) (m³/h): 500
  • Indoor Unit Dimension (WDH) (mm): 777×250×201
  • Net/Gross Weight (Kg): 8/11 (Indoor), 25/29 (Outdoor) 

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